Welcome to Quilted Dragonfly

I am so excited to put this website together for Bev. She’s the most amazing person, always putting others first. For those of us who know her, there are many things we can say but I’ll pick two.

She’s never met anyone who isn’t a friend. All around the world she’s made fast friends and best friends. This is because she’s such a positive energy in this world. She will go out of her way to help build up and inspire others. Personally, she has helped me in so many ways. And like many of you, I jumped at the chance to pay her back. She’s taken a big leap turning her passion into something real.

Her passion, as anyone who’s spent more than the shortest amount of time with her will know, is quilting. While I don’t know anything about quilting myself, it is hard not to get drawn in by her excitement. While many of us have pushed her for years to turn this passion into a business she’s always kept it something she shares with family and friends. Her quilts are the way she shows her love for all of us in her life. But as her passion has grown (along with her collection of tools, equipment, and materials) she’s finally taking the big step of sharing her skills with everyone.

We are all excited to watch her success with Quilted Dragonfly. And once you get to know and (hopefully) work with her, you too will be become a fast friend.

Best of luck Bev!

– Lane