To Wave or Not to Wave

Are your borders wavy? Will your quilt edges not lay flat? This can be extremely annoying after al the work you’ve put into your quilt. Below are some tips I’ve gathered over the years.

The best way to keep a border from waving (not lying flat) is to find the width (for top and bottom borders) or the length (for side borders) of your quilt. To do this properly, measure the width or length edge to edge through the middle of the quilt. Following this, create opposite borders starting with left and right or top and bottom.

After taking all the needed measurements and carefully noting them, cut a strip to the measured dimension. Fold the strip in half, find the middle of the strip then find the middle of the side of your quilt. Pin the middle of the strip to the middle of the quilt and then to the ends. Pin frequently along the sides easing in any extra fabric. This distributes any excess fullness evenly. Sew the borders to the quilt. Remember to do opposing sides, for example, left and right then top and bottom.